Easy to use no-code web scraping and data extraction software

Browserhub helps you scrape and extract data from any website without coding. Run your web scrapers with our scheduler and streamline your business flows with our nocode integrations.

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The challenge of web scraping

Making your own web scraper is hard

There could be many challenges in it that will slow you down in achieving your business goals. Would you delay profit by these things?

Code and maintain the web scraper
Every time you need to scrape a new web page, you need to write the logic and scheduler from scratch. This takes a lot of time and effort. Not to mention when the web page changes.
Automate a real browser
Websites that don't welcome programatic visit are increasing. You need to automate a real browser to mimic human behavior and avoid bot detection. This adds a lot of complexity.
Setup proxy and IP rotation
To avoid getting blocked by some strict websites, you need to setup a proxy and rotate IPs frequently. This adds overhead to your infrastructure.
Integrate 3rd party tools
The extracted data needs to be exported or integrated with other tools such as databases, data warehouses, automation hubs, APIs, etc. This requires additional development effort.

Web scraping should be fast and easy

Enter Browserhub. We provide a holistic platform to visually build, run, and manage your web scrapers. No code is required.

Visual web scraping

Build your web scraper in clicks – not codes

Our app and Chrome extension enable you to build web scrapers like a regular browsing experience. No coding experience needed.

Step-by-step visualization.
Actions you take like selecting elements and extracting values are visualized step-by-step for easy understanding.
Modern web support.
Extract data seamlessly from modern websites with complex JavaScript, AJAX, and dynamic content. We handle the heavylifting so you don't have to.
Run your web scrapers or monitor data changes periodically. Our scheduler automatically runs your scrapers on a scheduled interval.
Collect data from a table or list that spreads across multiple pages easily. You point us the load more or next button, we do the rest.
Infinite scroll.
Get a continuous stream of data through scrolling and simply setup a data limit to stop the scroll.
Visual web scraping illustration

Comprehensive data export

Export the scraped data to your local machine or no-code integrations

How you access the scraped data is essential, so we make sure to provide the best launchpad to export it.

CSV, JSON, and XLSX export.
These common formats ensure compatibility with spreadsheet, database, and analytics tools.
Data export illustration

Scalable infrastructure

Every infrastructure you need to automate web scraping in the cloud

Sweat no more about the technicalities of building and maintaining the web scraping infrastructure. We handle all the details 24/7.

API & webhooks

Automate and scale web scrapers in seconds with our developer-first API environment.

Data center & residential proxies

Scrape sophisticated websites using our proxies from 100+ locations around the globe.

CAPTCHA solving

Navigate websites without encountering reCAPTCHA or hCaptcha anymore.

Real browsers

Avoid bot detection using our browser infrastructure that mimics human behavior.

Email notification

Get notified by email about the scraping status, errors, or when scraping is completed.

Secure by design

We follow security protocols and standards to keep your data safe and compliant.

Automate your web scraping today.

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